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Organizations Involved With (past and present)

  • Consultant, Eco Resort, Costa Rica 2001-2002: Support of the development of a vision and plan that informed a business plan that is being presented to investor. Will be involved in site selection and design of land use plan, natural buildings, renewable energy systems, and alternative waste treatment systems, as well as land restoration and development of ecotourism opportunities on site and in neighbouring areas.

  • Environmental Consultant, Harbourfront Water Festival (July 2000), Toronto 1999: Developed environmental ideas for a proposed water festival.

  • Environmental Consultant, Cohousing Community, Salt Lake City, Utah 1997-98
    Consultant and Writer, Strategies for Sustainable Development of the Downsview Lands, for Canada Lands, Inc. 1996 : Advisor and writer for a proposal to the Federal Department of Lands for the sustainable redevelopment of a retired airforce base in metropolitan Toronto

  • Planner, Subwatershed Study, Mark L. Dorfman Planner, Inc. 1995: Developed approach to study: land capabilities based on functional areas. Environmentally sensitive site plan and urban design guidelines for pedestrian scale community.

  • Infrastructure Greening Consultant, Allen Associates Engineering 1995: Developed principles and guidelines for sustainable use and development of biophysical resources on site of Cornell development of New Urbanism: prepared written document. Critiqued architectural, urban design, and streetscape guidelines; assisted in expanding the scope of open space guidelines.

  • Co-ordinator, Nature Reserve Management Plan, The Arboretum, University of Guelph 1994/95: Led initiative to assess the Nature Reserve and develop a long term management plan. Compiled biological inventory data from several studies. Researched: management strategies for nature reserves, other policies pertaining to the protection of natural areas; conservation biology literature and practice. Facilitated discussions of management strategies. Elucidated management goals and objectives. Developed and wrote management plan.

  • Co-ordinator, Seaton Design Competition, Dunlop Farrow Architects 1994: Primary staff person in co-ordination and development of innovative community design for Provincially owned lands in North Pickering (Seaton). This was a leading edge exercise sponsored by the Ministry of Housing to explore alternatives to conventional development practices. Our team took a holistic approach to sustainable design: environmentally sensitive landscape planning, community development (social and economic). Responsibilities: research, data analysis, idea development, report writing.

  • Assistant Planner for Wellington County, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources 1993: Position working with the planner for Wellington County as well as the biologist, and forestry and aggregate resource officers. Activities: plan review (Official Plan, zoning, subdivision); meetings with consultants, ministry and agency staff; site visits; wetland evaluation and mapping; subwatershed planning. GIS (Arc/Info): map generation and plan review.