Ecovillages, Cohousing, and Intentional Communites


Eco Design & Construction

Environmental Planning


Mentoring/Tutoring/Summer Students


Presentations in Colleges & Universities

Television & Radio Appearances

Volunteer Work

Organizations Involved With (past and present)

  • Environmental and Sustainability Advisor, Environment Committee, Toronto 2008 Olympic Bid Group, Toronto 1999
  • Co-ordinator and Facilitator, J.A.N.E. Group Environmental Design initiative for the Toronto 2008 Olympic Bid, Toronto, ON 1998
  • Mill Creek Subwatershed Study 1993-95
  • Hanlon Creek Watershed Study, City of Guelph 1993-94

  • Y2K community organization and facilitation, Toronto 1999
  • Community member, Land Use Committee, The Farm, Tennessee 1997
  • Co-organizer, Sustainable Seminar Series, Guelph Round Table on the Environment and the Economy 1995/96
  • Steering Committee, Land Use Caucus, Ontario Environment Network 1995/95
  • Green Plan Advisory Committee, City of Guelph 1995/96
  • Alternative Development Guidelines Steering Committee, City of Guelph 1995/96
  • Resource Person, Toronto Urban Permaculture Course 1995
  • Green Spaces Advisory Committee, Guelph 2000 1995
  • Land Use Working Group, Guelph Economic Development Strategy 1994
  • Daymond Farm Development, Puslinch Township 1994
  • Land Use Writing Committee, Guelph Green Plan 1993-94
  • Community Advisory Subcommittee, City of Guelph Landfill Search 1993-94
  • Energy Working Group, Guelph 2000 1992

University of Guelph

  • Senator, University of Guelph Senate 1992-1994
  • Director, Central Student Association, University of Guelph 1992-1994
  • Active member, Student Federation of the Ontario Agricultural College

York University

  • Active Member, Canadian Association of Planning Students, Canadian Institute of Planners, Ontario Professional Planners Institute 1997/98
  • Student Representative, Dean Search, Faculty of Environmental Studies 1996

  • Peer Reviewer, Alternatives Magazine, University of Waterloo 1995
  • Native Tree Nursery, University of Guelph Arboretum 1993
  • Electrofishing, Grand River Conservation Authority 1993
  • Redd Count, Trout Unlimited 1993